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Drawstring Razor Pouch

Bring your shaving routine with you on all of your adventures with our Shaving Pouch. Perfect for travel, the pouch securely holds our razors and other shaving accessories. Enjoy a comfortable shave in any corner of the world.

Ready to explore the world? Pack your Shaving Pouch and go!

Pouch only, does not include razor


Ose Abuwe (Soap Refill)

Our refill pack do not include the FLON tin, keep in a tin or container, we recommend buying our FLON tin with your first purchase.


African Black Soap has been used for centuries in West Africa. It is made from all-natural ingredients including shea butter, honey and coconut oil, making it moisturising and soothing. Sun-dried plantain skins are used as a natural alternative to lye - making it gentle on your skin.

A natural acne treatment, our African Black Soap is handmade by women-run co-operatives in Nigeria who use traditional techniques passed down through generations. 

How to use: Black soap is a little different from commonly used lye-based soaps. It is soft and will soften further in water so we recommend keeping your soap in its tin. ọsẹ abuw translates to "soap you pinch to wash" - to use, pinch a little of the soft soap off to use at one time. Rub between hands or into our wash FLON washcloth to make a thick, soft lather. Follow with FLON Shea Butter to lock in the moisture.


Ingredients: Shea butter, Lime, Cocoa-pods, Coconut oil, Honey, Plantain skins, Turmeric, Orange, Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, Epsom Salts and Cinnamon 



Size: 100g

100% Organic Product

Handmade Product: Size may vary


Reusable Safety Razor

Designed to be minimalist and eco friendly from the razor itself to its packaging while also creating a beautiful shaving experience. Made of brass, a strong durable and easily recyclable antimicrobial and anti-rust material ensuring an end to one use plastic razors. 

The razor is weighted with a beautiful antislip design handle. Our razors come with 5 free blades, so you can get started on your eco shaving journey. 

Reuse is better than recycle, FLON reusable safety razor gives you the best of both worlds, smooth skin and a cleaner planet.
FLON Menstrual Cup Set

Menstrual Cup Set

​​​​Embrace sustainable period care with our Zero-Waste Menstrual Cup Set. Designed for comfort, they are crafted with the planet in mind. Durable and cost-effective, these cups significantly reduce landfill waste each cycle. Enjoy the assurance of soft, comfortable, and leak-free cups, blending eco-consciousness with personal care.