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Reusable Safety Razor

Designed to be minimalist and eco friendly from the razor itself to its packaging while also creating a beautiful shaving experience. Made of brass, a strong durable and easily recyclable antimicrobial and anti-rust material ensuring an end to one use plastic razors. 

The razor is weighted with a beautiful antislip design handle. Our razors come with 5 free blades, so you can get started on your eco shaving journey. 

Reuse is better than recycle, FLON reusable safety razor gives you the best of both worlds, smooth skin and a cleaner planet.

Drawstring Razor Pouch

Bring your shaving routine with you on all of your adventures with our Shaving Pouch. Perfect for travel, the pouch securely holds our razors and other shaving accessories. Enjoy a comfortable shave in any corner of the world.

Ready to explore the world? Pack your Shaving Pouch and go!

Pouch only, does not include razor


The Single 2.0 Razor

Discover FLON's Single 2.0 Reusable Long Safety Razor – a chic, minimalist design for a seamless shave. This razor effortlessly merges easy handling with environmentally conscious elegance, elevating both your skincare routine and your bathroom's aesthetic.

Natural Sisal Soap Washcloth

Our Sisal washcloth is an environmentally friendly plant-based product made from the Sisal plant. Indulge in the guilt-free luxury of our Natural Sisal Washcloth. Made from plant-based materials, it's a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice for your self-care routine.